Friday, November 13, 2009

Important Newspaper Comic Figures

Happy Hologan- Early 1900's Comic that depicted an Irish Tramp. It appeared on Sundays in the New York and San Francisco Hearst newspapers. This comic ran for 32 years using different scenarios but similar slap stick style gags.

The Yellow Kid- 1st comic strip character ever created.Bald, buck toothed child that hung around with other children in the ghettos. The yellow refers to his big yellow shirt he wore which was often the placement for type. A throwback to how advertisements were once displayed.

Buster Brown- Represntative for the Brown shoe company. Used for several years in short subject comic strips. Characters included Buster, sister Mary Jane, and dog Tigi

Little Jimmy- Strip that was one of the longest running in comic strip history (54 years). Depicted a boy ( jimmy) who constantly forgot what he was to be doing.

Mutt and Jeff- First Daily comic strip featuring reoccurring characters. Somewhat of an odd couple kid of feel.

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